Photo surrealism was started in France (1920s) and is famous for its amazing writings, surreal photos and art-works. Surreal photography is so artistic.

Experienced surrealist photographers include:

  • Man Ray
  • Lee Miller
  • Raoul Ubac

They were best known for surreal photography. Surrealist produce artistic imagethathas a good impact on people.

This type of photography usually represents overlapping pictures.

You cannot say that an edited picture is a surreal image, but you have to put efforts to make it surreal. You cannot do this by using some editing software. Different photographers use this technique to deliver surreal photographs. It needs so much hard work as surreal photography is not easy. You have to do more effort to make a picture realistic.

Methods of Surreal Digital Photography

  • Cliche Verre

Cliché Verre is mostly used in paintings, drawing, etching, sketching and photography.

This method of surreal photography was first practiced by a French artist in 19th century.Cliché Verre is also called negative glassbecause the negative is covered with glass.



Photomontage is the usual method used in surreal photography. Two or more photos are combined and one image in formed. We can’t even guess there is only one picture or two pictures. It is very difficult to recognize. We mostly edit these type of pictures using Adobe light room or any other editing tool.

Surreal photographers make two different pictures one with interesting background and other including object.


Multiple Exposures

We place two different pictures and forms a mixed pictures. Multiple pictures will form the surreal effect. Every photo have a different detail so you would be able to pick out the information from every picture.



Typography is a method in which three unique photographs are captured from one film. Then it pickout the major theme from one picture and create a surrealist photograph.


Long Shutter Speeds

It is one of the important surreal photography methods. If you are interestedin capturing surreal photographs you can do this action by increasing the shutter speed.

If you slow down the shutter speed, you will capture that movement in which your subject is moving.It blurs your background to make a perfect surreal photograph.



Solarisation is an old technique. The tone of the entire picture is changed in this method of surreal photography.



It is also a method of surreal digital photography. It is used in surreal photos, writing, painting and sculptures. We have to utilize our own ideas by thinking. This method involves good thinking ability.

Tips for beginner surrealist photographers

  • Improve your idea skills

First of all improve your idea skills, if you not good in doing so then you would be failed in capturing surreal photographs. Always try to create your own ideas for surreal photography as this requires unique and realistic ideas. If you want to improve your skills, you can also take help from different websites and view their ideas. After that create your own ideas.


  • Examine Photoshop

You should have good Photoshop skills and other editing software to make your picture realistic. The real surrealist picturelooks real which makes people to thinkwhether this picture is real or edited? A viewer will stuck for a moment in the picture

You need more practice to become a best surrealist photographer, you heard about that idiomatic expression “practice makes a man perfect” by John Adams.But in order to become a surrealist photographer you must have good thinking skills and ability to create your own ideas.

  • Easy techniques

 If you want to start surreal photography, then you may edit them to make surreal photographs witheasy skills. You should be good photo editor.

You should know how to organize the colour temperature ofimage. If we don’t know about that, then we will change the feel & image will look differently and hence we cannot say that, it’s a surreal photograph. So you should know how to play with color tones, which tone is best suitable for a surreal image and all that.

Change the color of the photograph selectively and adjust them according to the theme to make a perfect or a realistic image. In order to show that your picture is realistic, you can also change the color of grass to look yellow and water turn red. It makes you picture more realistic.

To make a real surreal image you need many touch-ups like changing your skin tone, eye color and textures. You can also do this to create a perfect surrealist picture.

  • Texts

We have two steps of writing.

  1. First of all, utilize the objects to make the letters directly.
  2. Place the objects in the free space. The result will be unique, surrealist photographs. You would have a great fun while doing this and will not get bored.

It is really interesting to observe how distant objects can change into letters. Distant objects may include: toys, flowers, tools, pens, ink stains, tress, etc.

  • Paper shapes

Surrealistic picture does not always look realistic. You can produce outline or simple (black and white) models of mountains, trees, buildings, etc.

  • Smoke

Smoke is always the best in creating mystifying and strange atmosphere.

You can also produce smoke using theincense sticks. It is a simpleway to produce a smoke.

Incense sticks are not that much expensive so it’s a great idea to use them for surreal photography.

  • Soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are mostly used for indoor shoots. As it is easy to place the bubbles for a long time. It is a unique idea to design a different things from bubbles so that your model will look different form others and it makes a perfect surreal image.

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