The photographers in this field work with newspapers, magazines and agencies. The positions of sports photography range from staff photographers to freelancers.

These type of photographers hide in different areas and capture photographs from afar. It depends on game which they are shooting.

Other photographers sell their freelance work on different websites. This is also helpful for them in advertising purposes. Sports photography include more photography fields. Here you need to include portraiture, action and group shots.

Sports photographers even capture behind the scenes. Here is the complete guide on sports photography.

Cameras required for Sports photography

Cameras are really important in sports photography. DSLRs and mirror less cameras are the best options for the photographers.

If you are sportsman and cameraman, than action cameras are best for you as they can stick to you in order to show your path and surroundings.

When you want to shoot a whole range of sports, then your camera need some settings:

First of all, a high-burst continuous shooting mode. Change the focus mode to AI-servo mode as it is very important for focusing on fast moving subjects.

Try to use different types of lenses. It will result in best photography.

Camera settings for Sports photography

  • Drive Mode

Whenever you want to shoot for any fast actions, set your camera to the high speed continuous shooting drive mode. Your camera will always be ready when you are going to shoot any fast action. This mode would be best for sports photography.

  • ISO and Image format

If you are capturing some moment in low light and you want to capture that action then you have to set the ISO to 200 or even higher. You can also use ISO 100 or 200 for the perfect quality.

Try to shoot in RAW format than JPEG format so try to avoid using JPEG format.

  • Exposure Mode

Now set the shutter mode, it depends on the situation, whether you want to freeze that action with a high shutterspeed or you want to blur something using low shutter speed. For all this you need to choose shutter priority mode. After choosing the shutter priority mode, you don’t need to set aperture, it will be done automatically.

  • Autofocus Mode

If you want to capture moving objects, then set your camera to Autofocus mode. In some cameras, you can also set the priority from focus to release. It will allow you to capture even your camera hasn’t focused the subject exactly.

  • Autofocus Area

You can set Autofocus area from your camera custom settings. Choose the best option according to your need when you are going to shot sports such as cycling.

  • Back button focus

  • Go to the menu, open the camera settings.
  • Turn AF-on and click ‘OK’.
  • You don’t need to do other settings just press the button that is on the backside of your camera, by pressing AE-L button, your focus setting will be changed automatically.

Post-processing sports photography

You process every picture differently like fine art images can be process differently. If you are capturing pictures for a newspaper, then your pictures will need a special kind of editing. This will help you in sending the pictures fast.

We can easily convert sports photography into black photography. You can also use some other settings to edit dynamic pictures.

  • Creating an action sequence

It can help you to show you an action/movement in still picture. These pictures will show you all the sports equipment, surroundings and their movement. It would be very helpful for the empires to take any decision. So they have a record for every movement.  To show sports like skating, ice-skating, rock climbing or snow-boarding.

You can capture many pictures using burst mode.

  • Adobe light room

Adobe light room have different software for different types of photography. There are two important functions of Adobe Light Room. It behaves as a quick library for all the pictures.

You can put them into different folders/files, you can organize them using attach keywords. The second part is to edit the pictures. Now, correct your lens distortion and even adjust the exposure. Editing pictures is a tricky task. So it takes enough time.

If you need any complicated post-processing, you can also send your pictures to Photoshop.

  • Improve your photography with photo mechanic.

Now, it’s time to improve your photography with photo mechanic. Photo mechanic is an application specially designed for freelance photographers. So, it is a good platform for photojournalist.

If you are capturing pictures for a magazine or news agency, they need your pictures ASAP. So you have to be fast and complete your work before ending any game.

You do not only have to capture a great picture but also have to follow these things,

  • First of all, select a picture.
  • Upload it
  • Edit the picture using the editing software.
  • Now your picture is ready and you can send it for a magazine/news agency.

Photo mechanic was designed to load the screen very quickly, it allows you to edit pictures fast. Photo mechanic has made the life easy. As it become very easy for a photographer to edit pictures as soon as possible.

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