What is photography?

The word photography literally means “the art of taking and processing photographs”. Basically, the purpose of this article is to introduce you to photography. As photography is the art of capturing the light by using the camera. In order to create an image, a digital sensor or a film is used.

The concept of photography was introduced by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. He captured the first photograph in 1826 in France. In that picture, there is the roof of the building which is illuminated by the sun.


A photographer is the one who is best in capturing photographs with a camera. An amateur photographer capture pictures for their own use but the professional photographer capture others photographs and it is his job like many people hire a photographer for wedding shoots, birthday, etc.

Types of photography

There are many types of photography. Some of them are given below:

  • Landscape photography

    If you are a photography lover and want to capture and each and every moment like you just look at the beautiful greenery and freeze in nature and want to store it in one picture so that you can see it every time. If you are interested in such type of photography then it is landscape photography.

  • Portrait photography

    It is one of the oldest types of photography in which it is ranging from shooting pictures from family to friend or even pets. There are many types of portrait photography. Some of them are given below:

  1. 1.Couple, Family and Group Portraits

    A portrait cannot be a single person. Photos of family, friends and other groups also come under this category.

  2. Self-portraits

    When you take your own pictures, we can be called them self-portraits for example selfies. Sometimes you need a tripod or a selfie stick to capture your own picture.

  3. 3.Surreal Portraits

    Surreal portraits are so artistic. You feel like a dream. Surreal portraits involve Photoshop.

  • Aerial photography

    Aerial photography is the photography in which pictures are captured from higher altitudes to view the larger background. Like mountains, planes, parachutes, etc.

  • Sports photography

    It is one of the complex types of photography as you have to practice with different equipment. A photographer has to capture pictures during sports events like car racing event. And it is very difficult.

  • Wedding photography

    Newcomers start their career from shooting wedding event but it does not mean that it does not require any skills. The demand for wedding photographer is increasing day by day. A wedding photographer should be expert in portraiture and must have good editing skills.

  • Fashion photography

    Fashion photography capture models in an alluring light to display the clothes, shoes, etc. this type of photography is organized for advertisements and fashion magazines.

  • Architectural photography

    Architectural photography deals with capturing the photographs of buildings, houses from different angles.

  • Candid photography

    This type of photography deals with capturing random pictures. This picture is clicked completely in a natural state like you don’t know and photographer is capturing your random pictures in a wedding event.

  • Night photography

    It is a difficult task for photographers to click pictures perfectly at night time and it’s a big challenge for them to explore the beauty of darkness.

  • Rain photography

    It is the most challenging task to capture the natural rain in a camera. Rain is considered an obstacle for capturing astonishing pictures.

  • Still life photography

    Still life is the art of clicking pictures of tangible objects. It includes flowers, food, accessories, etc. pictures of animals can also be included in this type of photography.

Famous portrait photographers

There is an immense number of famous portrait photographers. Some of them are:

  • Annie Leibovitz
  • Steve McCurry
  • Dorothea Lange
  • Angus McBean
  • Diane Arbus

What is digital photography?

Digital photography is a form of photography that allows the photographers to edit, capture and flourish images without using a film. The cameras contain arrays of electronic photo detectors to capture images that are focused by a lens. The images that are captured are digitized and then stored into a computer for further digital processing, printing, viewing and publishing. An expert photographer is required for digital photography. Digital photography becomes more popular nowadays.


Some Advantages of Digital photography are:

  • The image that we have captured can be viewed immediately on the screen.
  • You can even check which picture you want to print or even if you do not like any picture you can delete it.
  • There is a memory card inside the camera. It can hold thousands of pictures but it depends on the size of the memory card.
  • It is really fun.


  • The cost of a digital camera is very high. The cost depend on the size of the lens, if you want to edit your pictures you must have a computer. It would be very costly.
  • In digital photography, you have to edit photos but it is time-consuming.
  • If you have lost your memory card, you will lose your pictures.

There is a variety of cameras, In order to start digital photography you must have one of this equipment:

  • Smartphone Cameras
  • Point and shoot cameras
  • Digital cameras
  • DSLR cameras
  • Mirror-less cameras
  • Other equipment include photo editing software.

There are many jobs available for a digital photographer in photojournalism, portraiture and he can also work as an advertiser. There is a good scope of digital photography in the market.

How to take professional pictures?

This is the best part of photography like you should know how to take professional pictures. Here are some tips for beginners who are interested in photography and want to become a professional photographer.

  • Firstly, find the focal point of the photograph. A Focal point is basically the main part of your interest. Set the frame correctly. Now “fill the frame”. This is very important because if you leaves extra space around your focal point, it will not look good.
  • Make sure that you should have a good lightening. If you do not have enough light, your camera may have to struggle to capture your background environment. But if you think that you can brighten up your pictures using Photoshop, you would ruin your picture quality.
  • Just try out light reflector which will help you in lightening your environment.
  • Photography is not about to capture photographs, you also have to Photoshop them. A picture will only look attractive if and only if you apply some touch-ups like cropping, brightness, and color correction.
  • You should learn about the camera settings.
  • One more thing you have to purchase is tripod which is used for lightening adjustments or it waits for the perfect moment.
  • You should be able to improve without spending any money. Upgrade your camera, lenses and other accessories.
  • After following all these steps you would be able to take professional pictures. Now share your beautiful and eye-catching photographs online.

Video photographer

Video photographer is the one who captures videos using electronic media for example, direct tape, solid state storage, etc. videographer is basically a part of a team who creates video production. Almost every digital camera available in the market has high video quality (1080p or 4k). If you want to make your video quality best you can also own tripod and more lenses. Videography is not as simple as you think. You first need to learn after that you become a video photographer. You need high-quality cameras for shooting perfect videos.

Why is photography important?

Photography plays an important role in our life. It helps to connect with past as your childhood pictures reminds you of the past. You remember all those places that you have visited in the past. Some people have good memories with photographs and some have not. Photography basically helps you to remember your past, whenever you feel that this moment is important so just capture it.

A photograph is very powerful, it not only takes you to the past but can also bring you right back to the feelings, emotions, and sound. So that’s the reason why photography is important?

Photographer pricing

Different types of photography lend to different charge rates. Event photography is based on charge rate/ hour and charge rate/day. But the commercial photography charges on the basis of number of images. Like charge rate/image or charge rate/project.

Different photographers have different charge rates. List of prices are given below:

  1. Hobbyist photography

    Hobbyist photographer is the one who captures photographs for this interest. He did not capture photographs like a professional photographer. As a professional photographer needs an experience. Hobbyist photographer may or may not charge you but he charges you under $100.

  2. Amateur photographer

    These photographers have little more experience like they have online portfolio. Their charge rates start from $25-$75 per hour. Now it depends on you, for how long you want to hire a photographer.

Professional Photography Rates

Professional photography rates are different. As they are professional photographers and have a good experience in photography. Some photographer charges you as less as possible but high level photographers charge you thousands of dollars for a single photograph.

  1. Student

    Student rates depend on their working experiences and work quality. Their charge rates start from $50-$100/ hour or $25-$100/image.

  2. 2.Professional Photography

    The charge rate of a professional photographer starts from $75-$250/ hour or $75-$250/image.

  3. 3.Top Professional Photography

    There always be an elite group in the industry. Top professional photographer is the one who is best in their profession. They can charge from $200-$500/ hour or $250-$1500/image.

  4. 4.Wedding photography

    The charge rates for wedding photography are different. Some newcomers may charge $500 but the top professional photographers may charge $10,000. Charge rates of wedding photography starts form $1700-$3500.

    Before you hire any photographer, I recommend you to see his portfolio first. If you are satisfied with his work then hire that photographer.

When did digital cameras become popular?

The first digital camera was created by Steven Sasson in 1975. Steven Sasson’s camera has used CCD (charged coupled device) image sensor chips that were created by Fairchild semiconductor in 1973. The world’s first picture was taken by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826.

Nikon was interested in digital photography since 1980s.The first DSLR camera was released by Nikon in 1988, the QV 1000C. Now DSLR become more popular among the customers. By the mid of 20th century DSLR cameras had been replaced by film cameras.

After that colorful photography was invented by James Clerk Maxwell, Thomas Sutton, Auguste Lumiere and Louis Lumière in 1907.

When doing black and white photography, which file format should you use if possible?

File format that we use is RAW, as this format gives all the information about the color of the image.

If you have full access to RAW and JPEG function, then it would be best as the RAW and JPEG function will show you like how your image will look like in black and white color.

Professional photographers capture photographs in RAW format, first convert these files to DNG then edit those photographs through different editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Light room, coral paint shop pro and many more.

Still life photography examples

Examples of still life photography include:

  • A cup on the table.
  • Still life with a book and a candle.
  • Sunflowers in a jar.
  • A Cup of colorful beans.
  • Rural still life.
  • Autumn leaves.

Magazines photographers

We all are well familiar with magazine photography. Photography magazines are not only best for creativity or inspiration. They are full of tutorials, advertisements, industry highlights and many more.

Magazine photographers are basically photojournalists who use their creative and professional skills to create photos for magazines. The demand of magazine photographer is increasing day by day with the rise of internet magazine growth.


Photography might seems easy but it is not that much simple. There are a lot of things to learn in order to choose a photography as a profession. It is time taking because a professional photographer is the one who have a lot of experience and he is expert in photography. One thing you should keep in your mind that don’t forget light exposure, make sure it would be the best combination of light and dark.

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