Night photography can be more illuminating than the photography during the daytime. Everything looks so different and beautiful at night. Buildings, bridges and cars are usually brightly illuminate at night time. And the places that do not look that much beautiful in daytime, they look amazing at night. It is very easy for you to capture photographs at night because there are a few people out and you do not need to get worried about the crowd. So it is not that much difficult for you to shoot in dark.

The biggest challenge you have to face when you are photographing at night is getting a right exposure. During the day, you can just hold the camera and start taking photographs without worrying about camera shake. And you will not have to shoot at a high ISO. At night, you need different equipment including flashlights. And you do not hold the camera, here you also need equipment to hold cameras to avoid camera shaking.

Tips for best night photography

  • Manual mode

    When you are shooting at night, always try to shoot in manual mode. In manual mode, you change the settings according to your requirement like you can set the shutter speed, ISO and aperture. You have a complete control over your camera.

    When you are shooting at night-time, set your camera on the tripod and start working slowly. Do not use any automatic mode. First you have to set the camera and take 5 to 6 shots to check whether your settings are working or not. After that, start your photography.

  • Capture photos in RAW format

    When you are taking pictures at night, it is very important for you to take pictures in RAW. As the RAW files are 16 bit files and JPEG are 8 bit files. If you use RAW format, large variety of colors are available.

    It is really important for a photographer to shoot pictures in RAW format at night. When shooting at night-time, your photographs include a dark portion so, in order to remove that dark portion a wide variety of colors are available. But a JPEG file, do not have many color options.

  • Use Flashlight

    You camera does not need huge flashlights, But still you need a small flashlight. This little flashlight is easy to handle. You see photos and background on your camera and tripod. It will also help to capture good pictures at night.

  • Settings

    Different settings are required for different situations. Here are some setting which you have to set when you are shooting at night-time.

  1. Aperture

    The size of the aperture determines the amount of light and it also affects the depth of field. Set your aperture to high and use a lower f/n. At night, Most of the photographers capture photographs on a narrow plan than capture photos during the daytime. If your background and sky is black then you do not need a large field depth. So there would be the great benefit while shooting with larger aperture.

  2. ISO

    Set your ISO to low. Do not try to remove darkness from your photographs. Night photography means that there will be dark scenery in your photographs. So if you set the ISO to high, will definitely lead to a problem.

  3. Shutter speed

    You always think about the shutter speed first when you are shooting at the day time but you don’t need to be worried about the shutter speed when shooting at night. As you are capturing photographs from a tripod so you can open the shutter as much as you need. If you are shooting in a traffic than the longer shutter will help you a lot. You would be able to capture perfect pictures.

  • Take a test shot at high ISO

    SO measures the sensitivity of the digital sensor. You can set the ISO high to make your digital sensor more sensitive to light.

    If you use high ISO then you will face noise in your pictures. Since the dark areas of your picture tend to show more noise. This is only the problem that might photographers face while capturing photographs at night.

    You are using a tripod, try to avoid using high ISO. In other words we can say that the tripod allows you to use a longer shutter speed. When you are not using a tripod and you have a moving subject, in that case you will need to increase the ISO.

    Now increase the shutter speed and decrease the ISO as much as you need then go back to final settings.

  • Exposing at night

    Set your Camera on a tripod and then start thinking about the exposure, you have enough time to think about it. Take 2 to 3 shots and see the difference between the exposure controls.

    Just follow these steps and get great shots. A city that looks boring during the day could be perfect image at. This is due to the effects of the lights. So take your time in applying these settings to capture the exposure. Your exposure settings would be:

  • Shutter speed: 15 sec.
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • ISO: 6400

Post-processing your night photographs

You can make your night photographs much better with a minor amount of post-processing. You don’t need to waste your time, it works very fast and edit your pictures with in few seconds.

Here is the complete description which will help you when you are going to shoot at night. As a professional photographer you should be capable of taking best pictures at the day-time and night too. Here your skills matters a lot.

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