Landscape photography shows the vast spaces within the world. Landscape photography captures the nature.

If you are a photography lover and want to capture each and every moment, you just look at the beautiful greenery and freeze in nature and want to store it in one picture so that you can see it every time. When you want to feel same emotions that you felt at that time when you were standing in the middle of the nature so these pictures take you to the past and you will never forget those moments.

There are some limitations in landscape photography as photographer cannot move the light or subject. A landscape photographer faces many problems. In order to get rid of those problems a photographer have to learn how to handle subject without changing the position of subject. Landscape do not require additional lighting or studio. We have to capture them as they are. We cannot say that it is easy to capture perfect landscape pictures. As Landscape photography captures vast area of land and its elements. Examples of landscape photography include mountains, hills, waterfall, vegetation and sea.

Types of landscape photography

Types of landscape photography are:

  • Sunrise photography

  • It’s an amazing view when the sun is setting. You can’t even imagine the beauty of nature and that time when the sky lights up with beautiful colors. We will give some tips which will help you in sunrise photography.

  • Sunset photography

  • The sunset provides the golden hour (one hour after sunrise and one hour before the sunset) at the end of the day. You should prefer sunset photography as you don’t need to get up early in the morning.

    You cannot do something as soon as possible so be patient, you need to practice more and more. After too much efforts you would be able to do something stunning. For sunset photography, you have to wait for the perfect timing. After reading this article you will not repeat mistakes again.

  • Coastline and seascape photography

  • In coastline and seascape photography, you will be more likely to involve water in your shots. There are many ways from which you can make your coastline photography captivating and unique. Every photographer has their own specific techniques for coastline and seascape photography.

Cameras used for landscape photography

A best quality camera is required for landscape photography. You must have a DSLR for these type of photo shoots. As a landscape photographer, a question always comes in your mind what type of camera I use. The most important things that you have to consider while purchasing a new camera for landscape photography.

  • First of all, set your budget and choose any best camera brand (if you are already using Canon then don’t switch to any other brand).
  • 16 megapixels is good enough to start a landscape photography.
  • Sensor size (full frame).
  • Now it depends upon you which one to use DSLR or mirror less?
  • Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity is required.

Camera settings for coastline and seascape photography:

  • Set exposure mode to manual.
  • Drive mode (single shot).
  • Set Aperture f/16.
  • ISO (50 or 100) or you can adjust according to your need.
  • White balance (varies)
  • Shutter speed (1/4th sec).

In order to get good focus and sharp image from front to end, apply these settings on your camera.

  • Set exposure modeto Aperture priority.
  • Drive mode (single shot).
  • Set Aperture f/8.
  • ISO(100) or you can adjust according to your need.
  • White balance (varies)
  • Shutter speed(determined by camera).
  • Focus mode(manual).

Night Landscape photography

Night time landscape photography means using different techniques like capturing the moving stars. It’s a biggest and difficult challenge to overcome. When you are shooting at night, you should be careful about lighting.

As are going to shoot at night so try to focus on dealing with low lights. The things you will need while night landscape photography include the following:

  • Fast apertures.
  • Tripods
  • Flash light
  • Lens hood (avoids harsh lights coming from different directions).
  • Neutral density filters.
  • Spare batteries.
  • Colored lighting ( sometimes you want to add colors to scenes)

These are the tools required for night landscape photography.

Long exposure landscape photography

There are some reasons why do you need to use a long exposure in landscape photography. If you want to achieve light exposure where there is an extra light or if you want to remove untidy mess from images. So sometimes you need to use long exposure to get rid from clutter images.

You can capture light trails of vehicles and experiment with light writing.

Black and white Landscape photography

Black and white photography is special as it removes all the colors and it forces you to think about the light and shadow. In order to show your feelings, expressions without the color distraction, we capture black and white pictures. Black and white landscapes looks so attractive. Sometimes colors distract us from the original view and we cannot focus on the scene.


One problem you will face while doing landscape photography that you have to find the best location and scene then you would be able to capture. You will have to travel worldwide so that you can discover beautiful sceneries.

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