A fashion photograph is a photograph in which you show your dressing, accessories (include bags, shoes, makeup, jewelry, etc.). Fashion changes with time and fashion is everywhere. It is not limited to one place. In fashion photography, the main focus is on lighting, dressing, style, beautiful locations and portraiture. If you want to learn more about fashion photography read this article. In this article we will define fashion photography in different aspects.

Fashion Photographer

A photographer who is hired for fashion photography is called a fashion photographer. Fashion photographers are responsible for how clothing is presented in different advertisement and magazines. They work with fashion designers to ensure they are capturing the perfect picture for the brand. The world best fashion photographers include Mario Testino, Jurgen Teller, Nick Knight or Helmut Newton. There are many other photographers who are best in fashion photography.

Types of fashion photography

There are four main types of fashion photography:

  • Editorial Photography

  • In editorial photography, the images you see in front page of the magazine, they are not as posed. The styling and their makeup/ hairstyle can be much more difficult. They start with morning wardrobe, then change to mid-day wardrobe at the end, night wardrobe. The wardrobe includes the accessories like makeup, jewelry, hats, shoes, scarves, bags and many more. Everything is designed for the background so it will look more attractive.

  • Catalog Photography

  • Catalog photography is used by the companies that print to market their products. This is basically an informative image in which you will only see model is posing by ignoring the background. You see the clothes clearly. The background is mostly grey or white in order to show the complete details of the dress. So that you focus on the model wearing a beautiful dress not on the background. These type of photographs are taken usually in studios.

  • High-Fashion Photography

  • Fashion brands advertise their products using this style of photography. They hire super models, actors and actresses for their brand advertisement. Clothes and other accessories are specially designed for them so that their brand become more popular in market. They have a full focus on styling, poses and makeup. All elements of the model work together to create a high quality image. These elements include wardrobe, makeup, hairstyling, poses, lighting and location.

  • Street fashion Photography

  • This style of photography is all about the people on the street. Photographers shoot street images to highlight the trends in the real world. They don’t care what they are wearing and how they perceive style. Street photography is not that much common.


In fashion photography, the main focus is on lighting whether you are shooting in a studio or shooting with natural lights. In order to set perfect lighting according to the location, practice is required. Even you set-up with a speed lite which is the smaller version, you need practice. There are many lighting systems that is used in fashion photography. Mostly studios use strobes which is used to produce regular flashes. And it can be plugged into a wall.

How to choose a best camera for fashion photography

A best quality camera is required for fashion photography. But lighting, style, wardrobe, makeup and hairstyling is more important than camera itself. There are many digital SLR which professional fashion photographers use.

  • Choosing a best DSLR camera

  • First you need to set your budget. After that search for the best camera and check their reviews. As you know that DSLR cameras are expensive so you need to set good budget for it. When you are choosing a best camera, you should know its pros and cons. All cameras are not same. Every camera comes up with different functions. Hence before you purchase any camera, consult any professional or read all the information related to it and it is necessary.

  • Cropped sensor or full frame?

  • When we talk about cropped sensor, the size is reduced here. So it shows a low quality image. You also have an option of using multiple lens which will help you achieving the desired result. These type of cameras are used by Amateur Photographer as they are less expensive and easily affordable. It also gives a good result. Full frame cameras are used by the experts or professionals. Sharpness and clarity are the best features of full frame cameras. These cameras ensure that your output is of best quality. This would be a perfect choice for fashion photography. If you are a beginner, you can start your career with a basic camera. You don’t need to spend extra money to buy full frame camera.

  • Choose the best lens

  • Camera lens play an important role in photography. your image quality depends on the size of your lens. You should focus on buying a right lens. 50mm lens is mostly used for fashion photography. You can also use 135 mm f2 lens as this is not expensive. So it depends on you, how much money you spend on your work. If you want a perfect output then you have to spend enough money. So as a fashion photographer, you should go for the perfect choice.

  • Zoom Range.

  • When you are going to select zoom lens, it depends on your choice and off course your budget. The 70 to 200mm f/2.8L zoom lens are good enough to capture distant objects. It is also important in fashion photography when you capture portrait photographs.

  • Mega Pixels.

  • There are higher number of pixels, higher the pixels better the results. A camera with 645 with 51.4 megapixels is efficient to capture details like expressions, facial features, light, etc. so this makes the picture perfect and it is required in fashion photography.


Fashion photography is one of the most desirable fields of photography. You cannot become a best fashion photographer without having interest or skills. The average salary of a professional fashion photographer is $59,000. In order to become a fashion photographer you must have following qualities:

  • Strong ability.
  • A professional fashion designer should have a good artistic ability.
  • Good communication skills.
  • You must be cooperative and ability to work with actors, directors and other clients.

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