Candid pictures are becoming more popular day by day with the advent of new technology. Candid photography can be any type of photography that is genuine and in the moment. There is no style, no fake smiles-only true feelings. The subjects may know you are there and capturing their photographs but they don’t know that they are being focused by the camera. You can easily spot a fake smile or fake moments. Candid photography is only a way to capture genuine moments.You can capture candid photographs anywhere, you do not need a specific location for it. Candid photography includes wedding photography, travelling or street photography, group gatherings, trips etc. After spending so much time on photography you would be able to become a professional photographer. Every profession needs practice. So practice more and more. Candid moments are shots of decisive moments. You can also take good candid pictures without a DSLR camera. But if you want to be a professional candid photographer, the best camera is required for that. So choose the best camera for it.

Tips for better candid photography

There are a number of tips to make your candid photography best.

  • Aperture

  • Most of the DSLR brands (Canon, Nikon, etc.) have modes that is Aperture and the shutter priority. Do not shoot in manual mode as it is not suitable for candid photography.

    Aperture Priority

    You just have to set ISO and aperture, the camera will automatically change its shutter speed.

    Shutter Priority

    Set the ISO and shutter speed according to your need. Your camera will automatically change the aperture value. If you need a blurred background and you are in low light then aperture priority would be best but if you are trying to capture fast moments such as sports then shutter priority would be best.

  • Zoom lens or prime lens?

  • In the zoom lens, the focal length is similar to 35mm film equivalent to 28mm-280mm. A 50mm is considered as normal having no magnification and there is no wide angle capability. A prime lens is the one having only one focal length (it covers a wider range of length as compared to a zoom lens). These lens are used by many sports photographers and paparazzi. The thing about candid photography is that the situation does not remain the same. Within a few minutes you can go from a group shot, to a family shot, to a birthday shot or back to another group shot.

  • Use natural light

  • Whenever you change your location, the important point you should keep in your mind that always try to use ambient light (natural light). I highly recommend you to avoid flash light as these flash lights will destroy your photographs. But you can use some flash tricks for the better results. Like bouncing it off the wall for good lightning.

  • Auto-focus mode

  • There are two types of Auto-focus modes. First one is ‘One-Shot AF (on canon camera) and ‘Single Point AF-S (on Nikon camera), it simply helps you to focus the lens on any point. This mode is used by most of the professional photographers. Second one is AI Servo AF (on canon camera) and Continuous AF-C (on Nikon), it automatically focus when the camera has detected any motion. This mode is used for high- action shots.

  • Take a lot of pictures

  • Try to capture more and more pictures. Do not hesitate and it is the worst thing you always do. When you are taking candid pictures, you should not see what you are capturing, just click those moments. Try to capture at least 100 pictures. If you are a newcomer than try to shoot more than that. After taking so many pictures, you will get a perfect picture.

  • Shoot in Burst or Driven mode

  • If you are confused and do not want to miss any shot, then you should captures photographs in Drive or Burst mode. Both of them are the same. This feature is very helpful for taking candid shots and you don’t need to be worried about the good timing. In these modes, you can hold the shutter button to continuously snap shot after capturing at multiple frames/ sec.

  • Learn to Post-process

  • Un-posed photographs are subject to imperfections. If you are shooting at different locations then you have to set the white balance according to your location. So it’s really important for a photographer to learn light room or Photoshop. Even if you are a new comer who has no intentions of going pro. Hence post processing is the secret to take photos that impress your customers.

  • Shoot in RAW format

  • If you have to post-process your photographs, try to capture photos in RAW format instead of JPG format. As RAW files give you more editing features as compared to JPG containing less image information. It is very easy to edit a RAW picture than a JPG picture. You do not need to do anything, you can change this format from your camera settings from JPG to RAW.

  • Shoot with confidence

  • You should always be confident and bold. If you want to capture those moments perfectly, then you should not shy and shoot with full confidence. Works always come with practice so try to practice more and more. You will become more confident. Confidence is the main point on which you should focus on..

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